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Creating detailed maps, 3D models and geospatial information

Drone aerial mapping provides a cost-effective and efficient way to collect accurate geospatial data, enabling better decision-making, improved resource management, and enhanced situational awareness across various industries.

3D Model

Drone 3D modeling is the process of capturing aerial imagery or data using a drone and using that data to create three-dimensional (3D) models of objects, structures, or landscapes.  It provides a cost-effective and efficient way to capture accurate 3D representations of objects or landscapes from an aerial perspective.

Orthomosaic Maps

An orthomosaic is a high-resolution, georeferenced aerial image composed of multiple individual images stitched together. It provides a detailed, accurate representation of the surveyed area, eliminating distortions and allowing for measurements and analysis.

Commonly used in agriculture, land surveying, urban planning, and environmental monitoring

Digital Surface Model (DSM)

A DSM is a representation of the Earth's surface, including all objects and features on it, such as buildings, vegetation, and terrain. It is a three-dimensional (3D) model that provides information about the elevation or height of the Earth's surface at each point.

Digital surface models play a crucial role in various industries and applications that require accurate elevation information

3D Point Clouds

A point cloud is a collection of 3D data points that represent the surface of objects or structures. It is created by using photogrammetry techniques to extract 3D information from overlapping images captured by the drone. Point clouds can be used for precise measurements, volumetric calculations, and creating detailed 3D models.

aerial maping

Photogrammetry and Lidar aerial mapping offers a valuable tool for obtaining up-to-date and high-resolution geospatial data over large areas. The aerial data is collected and it is processed using specialized software and algorithms.

3D Lidar Mapping

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